Service Center

HELPFUL_Links_420x315Our Service Center links let you request auto ID cards, request changes to your policy and request certificates of insurance. Simply click the link below and your application will be expedited and a licensed agent will be in contact with you in a timely manner with your processed request.

There are also other helpful links such as the WI Employers First Report of Injury or Disease form.

Auto ID Card Request

When you purchase auto insurance the company will provide you with an Auto ID Card. The state of Wisconsin requires drivers to carry proof of automobile insurance so you will need to show your Auto ID Card if requested by law enforcement. It is also important in the event of an accident because you will need to share your policy information with the other drivers involved.

It includes all the information needed to show proof of insurance such as, name of insurance company, agency issuing the policy, name of insured, policies’ effective periods, policy number, VIN number, year, make and model of the insured vehicle.

Change Request

Do you need to make a change to your current policy?  You  can start your policy change here!  Just fill out the Change Request to add, remove or change your policy’s vehicle, driver, contact and more.

Please note that coverage changes will NOT be in effect until you receive confirmation from The Diedrich Agency.

Certificate of Insurance Request

A Certificate of Insurance provides proof of insurance.  It covers information on types and limits of coverage, named insured, insurance company, policy number, and the policies’ effective periods.

WI Employers First Report of Injury or Disease

Employers use this form to report all work-related injuries to their insurance company.

Insurance Glossary

Reference in-depth coverage definitions and related coverage forms for the following areas:

  • Property Coverages
  • Time Element Coverages
  • Property and Time Element Cause of Loss
  • Inland Marine Coverages
  • Crime Coverages
  • Liability Coverages
  • Commercial Auto Coverages
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverages
  • Excess Liability Coverages
  • Aviation Coverages
  • Specialty Coverages
  • Bonds